About me

Hey, I'm Mladen Ruzicic! I am a Swiss-based software developer with over twelve years of industry experience, varying from outsourcing companies and startups to big tech.
I became Customer Obsessed in the last several years working in product companies, which, combined with my strong passion for User Experience, excited me to start several projects of my own. I'll share more about each through my blog posts.
Besides my projects, I've been constantly involved in several others, either as an advisor or a mentor, helping with product and technical topics.


Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I always had a passion for tech. A trailblazer. Had to own and/or try every piece of tech or software I heard about. Remember Pascal? That was my intro to programming.
⏩ Fast forward to 2007: I started studying Graphical Engineering and Design, which was going too slow for my taste, so I started working as a freelancer in the second year.
One of the first websites I've built is studenti.rs, with over 250k registered users today! I've made it with Nemestic Studio and am proud to own and run it today.
Fun fact about my first four jobs: I had a 100% 🎯 success rate with my first four job applications. Out of the first four job interviews I had in my life, I received the same number of offers and accepted all of them:
  • Nemestic Studio in 2010
  • Execom in 2015
  • WolkAbout in 2017
  • Hegias in 2020
With the last one on the list starts my married life and relocation to Switzerland 🇨🇭.
In 2021, a boy's dream came true: I started working in a big tech! I worked at Shopify for over two incredible years, and it was better than I could have imagined. Except for the mass layout in May '23, which involved me and 3000 others 🙄, but still an amazing experience.
Along with the Shopify journey, I started working as a mentor on MentorCruise, and over 30 amazing mentees have some very nice words to share about their experience working with me.

Let's Connect

I love working with smart and interesting people from all walks of life. Let's chat if you have an idea for a collaboration or want to hire me as a mentor.
Shoot me an email at: [email protected]