Hello, I'm Mladen.

I'm a software developer, mentor, and entrepreneur. Twelve years of creating engaging web experiences that connect with customers.

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None would be possible without the biggest support.


I build products.

I've always been obsessed with perfecting the Developer Experience. From optimizing workflows to simplifying code, I love making life easier for myself and fellow developers.

On the other hand, my business-oriented self has been keenly focused on delivering exceptional User Experiences.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered my knack for unraveling complex tech concepts and transforming them into understandable language, naturally leading me to embrace the mentor role and to start this blog.

Throughout my journey, I have consistently pursued my passion by creating side projects, fostering my creativity, and bringing ideas to life.

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Whether you are a developer stuck in your career, or a startup wanting a second pair of eyes on a new feature, I can help. It all starts with a 15-min Discovery Session where we get to know each other and discuss your goals.

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Mladen's enthusiasm and positivity have made our meetings enjoyable and motivating. I appreciate the time and effort he puts into preparing for our calls. One of the things I enjoy the most is that Mladen gives me work to do before our next call - this helps me focus on my goals and prepare well for our meetings.
Maciek Sitkowski

Maciek Sitkowski

Mladen is an exceptional mentor with a unique approach to peer programming, enhancing coding styles, and he demonstrates excellent technical decision-making skills.
Bruno Krauss

Bruno Krauss

Having Mladen as a mentor gave me the last push I needed in my career switch journey. He helped me achieve my goals even earlier than expected, and I'm super thrilled with the new role I started this month. I just couldn't ask for more. Thank you!
Juliana Scapucin

Juliana Scapucin

He provides valuable insights during every session and helps me focus on my goals!

Andy Yudin

No hand-holding. He is a great accountability partner who will show you where you are in development through tests, exercises, and projects.
Monikka Edgeston

Monikka Edgeston

Mladen's guidance in code reviews and side project ideation has significantly improved my skills and portfolio. The collaborative atmosphere he fosters makes the learning process enjoyable.

Adam Gornas

Mladen knows how to take control of the conversation and keep it focused on progress and results. Great dude that knows his stuff.
Jobany Aguilar

Jobany Aguilar

Mladen is super knowledgeable and smart. He helps me grasp many important technologies, concepts and techniques. I highly recommend Mladen if you want to become a great front-end dev.
Eyal Fisher

Eyal Fisher

Mladen has consistently provided great insight and guidance to support my tech career growth from both a professional and personal perspective. He's empathetic, insightful, and relatable, making him an ideal mentor for the industry.
Richard Esquivel

Richard Esquivel